Dreadlocks vs Extensions: Pros and Cons

In the last few years, dreadlocks extensions have become increasingly popular. Today, lock hairstyles are in vogue, and people are looking for solutions to get them without going through the whole process. Between eight and twelve months are required for the process. A unique and trendy hairstyle can be matched with dreadlock extensions to add a new flair to your personality.

Extensions: How to Get Them

The extensions can be obtained in two different ways. Dreadlocks can be created by converting your natural hair. A natural hairstyle in which you grow dreadlocks. The process is time-consuming and arduous, but the results are stunning.

To get the same hairstyle with extensions, you can use a quick hair fix. You can wear beautiful locks without committing to them by wearing dreadlock extensions.

Getting extensions and growing extensions are the topics of this article. Choosing the right dreadlocks for your needs will be easy with this guide.

The first thing we need to do is take a look at the different types of dreadlock extensions available.

Colors And Types Of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks come in a variety of types. Different types and colors of extensions exist, including natural human dreadlock extensions and wool extensions.

Among their types are Remy, virgin, natural, and wool hair.

Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, blonde, ombre, and many others.

Synthetic and permanent hair extensions are generally recommended by hair experts.

Dreadlock Extensions: Synthetic Vs. Human Hair

Dreadlocks made of synthetic or human hair are very popular these days. Here are the two most popular types of dreadlocks. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The appearance of permanent human hair extensions is similar to that of natural human hair, for instance. In the first place, going natural will make you look more natural.

The texture is similar to that of human hair. Easy to manage and light on the scalp. When dreadlocks are tangled and looped, they look natural. As a final advantage, they are dyeable and styleable like human hair.

Synthetic hair, however, feels different from natural hair. Due to their inability to handle the heat, they are challenging to manage. Due to this, they are prone to melting, which is a significant disadvantage. The scalp would also feel heavy if you had many dreads.

Dreadlock Extensions: Pros & Cons

The process of growing dreadlock extensions can completely transform the look of your hair. Their growth begins at the scalp and continues as your hair grows. Your hair will look fuller when you grow extensions. Because baby dreads grow slowly, it takes time for them to reach their full potential. Additionally, extensions can be grown according to your style and personality.

Do dreadlock extensions last long?

If properly cared for, it can last for 2 to 3 years.


Rather than installing false extensions, you should grow your own dreadlock extensions. You can get this hairstyle for the following reasons:

1: Natural

If managed properly, human hair extensions look adorable. Firstly, they grow from scratch, so it may take a while before they are fully grown, but once they are, they give the best results for transforming hair.

Furthermore, if you want to install hair extensions, choose natural human hair extensions. It looks natural and is super soft. As well as being easy to style, they are also durable.

The synthetic dreadlocks, however, don't look as natural. Getting extensions requires consideration of many cons since they are not as soft as natural human hair.

2: Dye

There are many options for styling and managing human hair extensions. It looks like they're naturally styled and managed. Second, if you want to dye your natural dreadlocks your favorite color, quality products can be used to dye human hair easily.

3: Soft

You can preserve your natural hair for as long as possible by growing natural dreadlocks. There is nothing more precious than natural dreadlocks, but extensions are also a great way to restyle your hair. You can manage them with regular products if they are naturally grown.

4: Save your loops

Extensions grown naturally have the same loops and tangles as normal hair, and they have bumps all the way down the length of your locks. Furthermore, dreadlocks also have loops that enhance the natural appearance of the locks.

5: Light scalp

One of the best advantages of natural hair extensions is that they do not add weight to your scalp. Getting thin dreadlocks more in number will increase your hair volume if you have thin hair. Your head will not become heavier if you convert your hair into locks, even if you have heavy hair.

6: Volume

Would you like to add more volume to your virgin hair? Become a dreadlocks. By growing extensions, you can naturally add volume to your hair - no need to use harsh chemicals or additional treatments. By naturally growing dreadlocks, you can say goodbye to daily blow-dries and extra heat on your head.

7: Partial dreadlocks

You can also style your dreadlocks to suit your style and personality when you grow dreadlocks. Are you not a fan of having your head covered with locs? The dreadlocks can be partially grown from individual feet of hair, combed around the scalp, and the hair at the ends can be grown into dreadlocks as well.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent option for those who enjoy styling their hair. To achieve new hair looks, mix natural hair with dreadlocks.


Coins always have two sides. Here are some cons to consider. Growing dreadlocks has the following cons:

1: Long procedure

Natural hair extensions require a lengthy procedure, and you may need hours to remove them from your natural hair. Real magic takes time, and that is why it takes time to get the best results for your hair.

2: Time taking

In addition to being time-consuming, growing extensions also has other disadvantages. Dreadlocks take at least six months to 18 months to grow. These extensions are possible if you are patient enough.

3: Difficult to manage

In the beginning, natural dreadlocks are bay dreadlocks, which require more work to maintain. To manage your hair, you can use a variety of hair care products.

Dreadlock Extensions: Pros and Cons


If you're a dreadlock enthusiast, getting dreadlocks is an easy fix. You should consider it for the following reasons:

1: Quick

Compared to growing your natural hair into dreadlocks, getting dreadlock extensions is a quick process. For naturally grown dreads to cover a good length, it takes 18 months to a year. The process of getting an extension, however, takes only a few hours.

2: Neat and subtle

The extensions made from synthetic materials are quite neat since they are handmade. If you want your dreadlocks to look neat, this is a good choice. It is impossible to achieve a sleek appearance with naturally grown dreadlocks since they contain loops and bumps.

3: Temporary

Confused about your hair, but fascinated by your friend's dreadlocks? No worries at all. Experiment with your hair by getting a few dreadlocks. The style is yours to carry if it suits you. With proper removal techniques, you can get them removed quickly. To get the result you desire, you can try different dyes.

4: Sealed

As new hair grows, the length of the natural hair extensions increases. No matter what dreadlocks you get, they can be sealed as per your preference to give you mature and natural dreadlocks.

5: Volume

You can add volume to thin hair by getting hair extensions. Depending on your hair volume, you can add 70 to 200 dreadlocks. Getting thin dreadlocks will add volume to thin hair.

6: No Shrinkage

There is one advantage to installing hair extensions: they do not shrink. Unlike naturally grown dreadlocks, synthetic hair extensions do not shrink.


There are some cons to getting dreadlocks as well. Here are a few of them:

1: Different

For those who prefer not to grow their natural hair into dreadlocks, extensions are also available. However, they don't look as natural as natural human hair, and a well-trained hair stylist can see the difference between them and natural hair.

2: Heavy on the scalp

In addition to the extra weight, your natural hair and extensions add volume and weight to your head. Additionally, it may become more difficult to manage after getting a shower.

3: Difficult to manage

Excessive heat can melt synthetic hair extensions, resulting in a waste of money when installing synthetic extensions in the hair. As a result of locked moisture, you may also need to buy expensive hair care products to keep your dreadlocks from getting infected with fungal infections.

In conclusion

It is important to note that every process you choose has both advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it is recommended to consult a hair expert before making any final decisions.

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The information above is intended for general reference purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice. Always seek advice from your physician or other qualified health professionals before starting any new treatment.

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