Can A Child Be Too Young To Have Their Hair Colored?

How Young is Too Young to Dye Your Daughter’s hair?

Would you mind coloring your child's hair for them? Salon clients frequently ask this question. A child's hair tends to be much finer than an adult's; hair dye and bleach can contain many chemical compounds that can cause substantial damage, sometimes causing a reaction due to their more sensitive skin. Your child's hair may be changed by bleach and dyes as the chemicals can change the texture. Until a child reaches their teen years, permanent coloring should not be recommended.

The FUN colors are the non-permanent colors such as blue, pink, green, etc. Colors offered by temporary dyes only coat the hair shaft instead of penetrating it. Your child's hair will not be damaged by using this method of adding color.

My daughter was three years old when I first put pink in her hair. Pink was her mommy and she wanted to be just like her mother, how could I ever say no? She was the coolest kid in preschool after I added a peek-a-boo color to her hair. Her most recent favorite is the Ombre Pink, which is the color she has had in just about every other color. Very fun!

In my experience, I have colored hair several times for my client's children. Just being in the act of getting their hair colored makes them feel so grown up. Teenagers tell me it makes them more confident.

It is solely up to you as a parent to decide whether to color your child's hair if they are young. Make sure your child does not have any allergies before doing so.

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Friday, June 3, 2022