Benefits And Downsides Of Straight Hair

It may seem easy to get straight's just straight, right? Maybe not. It is possible for hair to be straight in different ways—from fine and thin to thick and coarse, which has pros and cons for each type of hair. Yes, we're even talking about the hair that's been straightened using styling tools and products. Read on for all the tips and tricks you need for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair, whether you have naturally straight hair or like to straighten it occasionally.

Pros of Naturally Straight Hair

You're in for a challenge! The streamlined structure of naturally straight hair allows the natural oils from the scalp (sebum) to easily penetrate the hair shaft, providing it with all the nourishment it needs. Straight hair also remains strong, even when brushed, braided, or styled aggressively.

This shine is similar to a mirror. The straight surface of the hair reflects more light, can be smoother, and so is shinier, so the extra shine serum doesn't need to be applied.

Growing out of it is easy. It is easy to grow long and strong hair when it is naturally straight. It is less likely to split ends and breakage with the sebum's hydration, as well as its strength and elasticity.

Cons of Naturally Straight Hair

The volume is void. The lack of body in straight hair can sometimes be frustrating to people with naturally straight hair. Only using hair spray can often fail to maintain thickness. Natural straight hair is smooth, so some volumizing assistance may be necessary.

Easily greased. Sebum is more visible on the top of naturally straight hair because the hair's follicles are smooth. People with straight hair, who look (and feel) a lot better with more frequent shampooings, don't fit into the easy-breezy notion of only washing their hair twice a week.

There is a hint of humdrum. Despite being classic and timeless, straight hair is also devoid of the texture needed to make it more unique. However, long hair is still lovely, so why not? The problem with straight hair is that it is harder to manipulate, leading to long hair without flair.

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Friday, June 3, 2022