Before You Grow Out Your Bangs: What Do You Need To Know?

Take care of your hair right now and skip the awkward stage.

We are absolutely smitten with bangs on one hand. On the other hand, we also love to change our hairstyles! You might think of growing out bangs after having a fringe for a while if you want to change up your style.

There is nothing painful about the in-between stage. Keep reading to learn how to grow out bangs the right way:

  1. Pick one part.

    Decide on a parting and start creating side bangs, or part in the middle and create curtain bangs. Whatever you choose, stick with it until it grows out. 

  2. Learn how to style your hair.

    You will need to train your part which shouldn't take long if you blow-dry it in the direction you wish it to lay. You might need to use a clip for a couple of washes if your fridge has been around for a long time.

  3. Hiding and tucking

    The hardest part about growing out bangs is when they reach that awkward in-between length, so obvious that you aren't trimming them anymore. You can braid and twist them to blend them in (or tuck them in inconspicuously) effectively.

  4. Make the transition easier with layers.

    After your bangs reach chin-length, you can incorporate them into your haircut as face-framing layers. You can ask your stylist to start cutting layers with your now mostly grown-out bangs. As a result, your bangs will blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair on your sides.

  5. Be patient!

    Finally, the process of growing out bangs can be long and frustrating. Normally, hair grows about a one-half inch every month. Enjoy the process of finding cute styles, and know they will grow. 

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Friday, May 27, 2022