Bangs: Different Types

It is likely that you have either tried or considered bangs if you are the type of woman who changes her hairstyle every time she feels bored or needs a change. We applaud you for walking away from the scissors after seeing the horror videos on social media if you wanted to give yourself bangs! Don't worry if you don't know how to do it, let the professionals do it for you.

We can help you achieve a beautiful new look with our professional and talented hair stylists at Nazzi Hair! We can help you with everything from a simple trim to a drastic change in your style. Our stylists will help you find the perfect bang style for your hair type and face shape if you're ready to give them a try! We will discuss different bang styles in this blog post. Contact us to schedule an appointment, learn more about bang styles, and choose the perfect one!

  • Curtain Bangs

There is no denying that curtain bangs are a current popular trend that can add a little zing to your look. An average curtain bang has a middle part and is longer than other bang styles. Known as curtains since they are parted in the middle, framing your forehead like curtains. There is little maintenance required for this bang style, it is easy to grow out, and it doesn't require too much care. Here's your chance to get a new look with bangs that don't require constant styling or attention!

  • Blunt Bangs

In most cases, when people think of bangs, they picture blunt bangs. It is possible to look amazing with straight-across forehead bangs. Although some people love these bangs, they require more maintenance than other styles, which means you'll need to trim them more often to prevent them from growing too long. This could be a fun style to try if you don't mind going to the salon for a quick trim every few weeks!

  • Micro Bangs

Our favorite trend is micro bangs! There are some people who just naturally rock these tiny bangs. The look of micro bangs is a mix of retro and modern, giving you a completely unique appearance. About an inch above your eyebrows, micro bangs finish at the middle of your forehead. Micro bangs are perfect for those who want a truly bold look!

  • Layered Bangs

For those who are a little hesitant to jump straight into other bang styles, layered bangs are a great intermediate step. To blend your bangs into the rest of your hair, layered bangs use a lot of different layers and lengths. Combine layers and bangs for a face-framing look! For those who like to switch up their style, these bangs are a great option. Whether worn flat, parted in the middle, or brushed to one side, these bangs are versatile and perfect for creating different looks!

  • Birkin Bangs

These bangs are also called eye-skimming bangs because they end just above your lashes. They are named after Jane Birkin. Despite requiring more maintenance and upkeep than other bang styles, these bangs are absolutely stunning and almost anyone can wear them. You can completely transform your look with these effortless, sassy bangs. Invest in some texturizing spray if you want Birkin bangs!

  • Side-Swept Bangs

It was extremely popular in the early 2000s to wear side-swept bangs, but they will never go out of style! If you're ready to try out more dramatic bangs, these are another great option. Your hair can look more stylish and textured with long, layered, side-swept bangs. You can easily style them, add elegance to your look, and grow them out if you don't like them.

  • Feathered Bangs

There are many similarities between feathered bangs and curtain bangs, but feathered bangs don't need to be parted in the middle. Having fun with these bangs is possible because they can be worn in a variety of ways. When feathered bangs are cut, layers are not cut directly into the hair, but rather at the ends. With these bangs, your hair will blend in more subtly with the rest of yours.

Other bang styles include wispy bangs, baby bangs (which are slightly longer than micro bangs), shaggy bangs, arch bangs, and face-framing bangs. Many people think of bangs as a straight-across forehead style, but there are so many more options! You can choose a bang style that matches your hair type, your face shape, and the amount of effort you want to put into your bangs in this way. In order to give your hair a fresh look, it is best to let the pros handle it.

Nazzi Hair can help you achieve the perfect bang look. Make an appointment with us today. Providing you with a beautiful new look will be our primary goal when it comes to finding the perfect bang style for you. Set up an appointment with Nazzi in Larkspur and Santa Rosa, California, and she will help you with these ideas. For more information, visit

Thursday, July 28, 2022