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Nazzi is fashion and beauty-obsessed hair artist with expertise in hair color that both enhances skin tone and delivers long-term vibrant healthy hair. With over 25 years of experience, she works intimately with clients to discover what's most important to them with focus on the overall health of the hair. Drawing inspiration from her clients’ personalities and unique color palette. She stays current on fashion and beauty trends, researching new ideas, and invents her own style. To look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful.

I love spending time with my clients, especially when they are serious about their hair and make it one of their priorities. From the moment they sit down on my chair, I engage with them, talk to them about their hair concerns and how to help them maintain healthy hair.
Nazzi Hair Salon offers a wide array of services and helps you achieve your desired look. Our salon is one of a kind, conveniently located in the city of Larkspur, in Marin County and Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County. We invite you to come by in our comfortable and friendly atmosphere for an exceptional hair care experience. We look forward in seeing you for a lasting relationship with your style in mind, hair treatments for hair growth and healthy hair, extensions from clip-in to full head, color from basic blonde to exotic highlights, facials, waxing or professional make up. We cover all surrounding areas such as Larkspur, Mill Valley, San Rafael, Manzanita, El Campo, Sausalito, Los Ranchitos, San Anselmo, Corte Madera, Novato, and Santa Rosa, California.

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Hair Cut

Nazzi Hair is located in Larkspur and Santa Rosa, California, offering hair styling services to both men and women. From haircuts to hair colors and extensions, we provide you with the personalized attention you need to look your best. Call us today or book your real-time appointment online.


Whether you want a pop of bold color for a one-time event, a little subtle change in your overall look or a complete transformation, Nazzi got you covered. Prefer to express yourself with more than just color? Pick multiple color tints, an all-over color, or highlights. Whether it's subtle, beautiful, bold-put Nazzi in control of the outcome.


There are two types of hair treatments. Reconstructors are used to restore the natural oils that are responsible for the shine and strength of your hair. Moisturisers can be used to control frizz and add shine. Nazzi can help you determine which type will suit your hair the best.


Hair texture may be described using different terms, depending on the point of view. Fine hair is more fragile and thinner than other textures, but it is also typically very shiny. Thick hair is coarse, heavy, full-bodied and voluminous. Medium-textured hair falls somewhere in between..

Brazilian Blowout

Nazzi offers Brazilian blowout, a revolutionary smoothing treatment that makes hair that can be used to eliminate frizz and promote intense shine. The treatment has many benefits to the hair, including an increased ability for hair to hold moisture, reduced breakage and reduced split ends.


Nazzi offers a wide variety of hair, texture and color to suit your natural hair, desired length of hair and your unique hair type. as a  color specialists I am devoted to help you restore that natural beauty to your hair. Each strand is guaranteed to match your natural hair color , feeling, luster and shine. .


Nazzi gives you the ultimate look-book of wedding hairstyles for every bride and bridesmaid. Beautifully laid out with inspiration and ideas for casual, romantic, elegant, classic, vintage, bohemian--everything you need to know about how to craft the perfect wedding.


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More Info

July 14, 2021

Nowadays, everything is fast-paced and revolved around instant gratifications. People are constantly on the move, coming and going from one place to another, always in a rush. This is not something that I enjoy seeing as it goes against my philosophy that in order to make something great, you have to spend time perfecting it. This is something that I have been doing throughout my career, where I put in the time to keep up with industry’s standards and constantly evolving hair trends.

August 18, 2021

This year American Board of Certified Haircolorists’ Energizing Summit was great because I felt the educators went over the science behind the hair colors more in depth and how the porosity of the hair is the main key on how far we can go with the hair colors without compromising the integrity of the hair. What I love about this is that they are not brands specific like other classes, and I don’t feel obligated to use their recommended brands.

September 22, 2021

As a growing hairstylist, I welcome new challenges, be it through educating myself, or working with clients.  Recently, I had a new client came to me through a recommendation from another client. This new client had a hair mishap where the stylist had accidentally turned her hair orange.  This was a tricky situation as it involved complex color corrections. This turned out to be a great experience for both of us as the client was lovely and after spending 4 hours with her, I managed to fix her hair to the color that she would be happy with.

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